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Stephen R. Atkins is the Licensed Principal Broker of Atkins Realty
Group, Inc. He has over twenty years of experience and is a Certified
Business Counselor, Certified Business Intermediary and  has
specialized training in conflict resolution. Mr. Atkins is also recognized as
an “Industry Expert” by Business Brokerage Press, a worldwide
publishing, consulting and research firm specializing in education and
marketing materials used by Business Brokers and Merger & Acquisition
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We are trained professionals in the industry representing our clients with integrity
and the highest degree of confidentiality. The process of buying and selling a
business is very complex and a process that a trained professional Intermediary
knows thoroughly. Call us and "Increase the speed of the transaction".
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for Sellers
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* Advise you on deal structure and pricing
* Regular updates with you on prospects and marketing results
* Negotiate on your behalf with buyers and others in the process
* Design a personalized marketing program for optimum exposure
* Educate you on financing options, disclosures and purchase offers
* Advise you on deal structure, Pricing and current market conditions
* Coordinate all details for a smooth and timely transaction
for Buyers
* Help to determine your buying power and locating lenders
* Assist you in the selection process by providing objective information
* Provide consultation during the search process
* Help negotiate the sale for the best possible purchase price
* Provide continual support through the due diligence process
* Guide you through the closing process
Commercial Leasing
* Assist you through the feasibility process
* Help determine market price
* Negotiate and review lease language with you and your advisers
* Inform you of zoning and licensing issues
* Coordinate details for a smooth transaction
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A Division of Atkins Realty Group, Inc.
The Summary Valuation is a restricted use business valuation designed
specifically for “Main Street” businesses. The purpose of the valuation is to
determine the estimated fair market value, based on an asset sale. The basis
of this valuation is discretionary cash flow using multiples of cash flow and
selected industry formulas using weighted averages. The report is designed
to give an upper and lower price range to determine market value. The opinion
of value will be in the form of a written report including analysis of financial
information collected of the subject company.

Limited Scope Valuation is a more detailed comprehensive report. The
bulk of the report is financial analysis, buyer analysis, price justification, deal
structure and finance. Valuation Methods used include the Asset Approach,
Market Approach and Income Approach. The report will be completed by
accredited valuation experts to determine Fair Market Value as defined
pursuant to Revenue Ruling 59-60 valued under the premise of a going-
concern closely held company. The opinion of value will be in the form of a
written report and financial analysis. The valuation conclusions will be based
on analysis of SDCF (seller’s discretionary cash flow), EBITA (earnings before
interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) and EBIT (earnings before
interest and taxes).
Business Valuation