Welcome, Buying or Selling a business is one of the largest financial decisions in ones
lifetime. When the time comes to buy or sell a business, you need the best representation
available. In what can be a confusing and sometimes difficult process, it pays to leave as little
to chance as you can. With the help of a professional you can navigate unknown territory  with
ease. Atkins Business Solutions can help you optimize your transaction by identifying qualified
prospects, clarifying investment potential, and help select the right team that will provide the
necessary knowledge to assure a successful transition.   

Business Sale & Acquisitions, Atkins Business Solutions is a division of Atkins Realty
Group, Inc. We are a highly successful Business Intermediary firm specializing in sales and
acquisitions of mid-sized main street companies. Our specially designed
Three Step Process
allows us to manage the transaction with precise detail. Confidentiality is one of our primary
concerns. It is essential that a decision to sell be revealed only to the most qualified parties.
Our team consist of knowledgeable professionals that fully understand this complex process.
Our experience eliminates much of the adversity and confusion experienced in many small
and middle market transactions.

Business Valuation, What's your company worth? Our Business Valuation process will
identify your companies strengths, weaknesses and opportunities prior to  going to market. By
fully understanding the value of your business will assist us during negotiations. If value
expectations are to high, it will prolong the  process, and if the value is to low, money will be left
on the table. We understand the market and know how to  optimize and balance business
value vs transaction value.

Commercial Leasing, Lease Negotiation is an important element in the buy/sell process.
We have extensive experience negotiating lease agreements for both tenants and landlords.  
Our win-win negotiating style often allows us to negotiate a lease agreement that is
economically reasonable for both landlords and tenants.
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